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So, my plans for today: make a wish (there, where I go, it comes true), say “Hi” to the stone knight and his magic sword (no, it’s not an Excalibur) and listen to The Dalai Lama (ommmm…). And don’t forget about ostriches! These all can happen during the slow walk along the one of the oldest sight in Prague. There, on the Charles Bridge (aka Karlův most), legends literally soar in the air. And frozen above the river residents are about to go down from their pedestals. I think, we have to visit them. I haven’t seen them for years. Let’s go together. Let’s travel!


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Professional traveler

Count on your fingers, how many countries have you visited. Really, how many? One, two, five, ten? But if you are from those, who are for the account of fingers will not be enough, it is necessary to remember that you have toes. Or, perhaps, you think that it is important not the number of countries, but the number of places visited? Even if it is in the same country, or maybe even in the same city. Or maybe it is important not the quantity but the quality? Max left it a long time ago, because he prefers traveling, not accounting. "My house it the whole world”, - he says. And it’s true. A lot of beautiful and bewitching cities worldwide tried to hold him in its arms. Ashgabat, London, Paris, Munich... Hundreds and hundreds of cities. But secrets do not last forever, and the journey again and again waits for its heroes. For how worried the sand on the sea floor, so exciting and moving forward - toward the discoveries. Are you ready to dive into the maelstrom of adventures, to touch the bottom and then again see the light? Then go ahead! The walk with the most avid traveler of the Earth is waiting for us!

Voice: James White.
Sound design: Vlad Hanilov.
Photo: Anastasia Alshevskaya.