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Hello, Prague! How I love your twisted narrow streets, walking along which is like muffling myself in something cozy up. Yes, it is true that before you became such a beauty, you had to go through a lot. But everyone has such growing period, right? How is your astronomical clock? Is it still counting off the zodiac signs? And how are things on the Crusaders’ Square? There is everything inside you! I pull from memory the fragrant smell of the chocolate museum, the resounding, disturbing silence of your torture museum and the radiant colors of Apple Museum. Like a stroke on the canvas of my memory are a couple of unusual houses with carvings, several theaters, temples, Clementinum and (that's a surprise!) a pinch of communism. Yes, Prague, as it is said, one still has a lot of steam, and that’s why I will definitely visit your Powder Tower too. And the kings? I remember you were always proud of your kings. I think just to follow their route. But not as they did it, I will do it vice versa. I would like to feel myself like an inside out queen. And you know what, Prague? Let us invite someone else to have more fun. Agree? Excellent!

Hello! My name is Vita and this is Prague. We invite you to walk together, ok? Let's be friends in our small, but bright, royal inside out journey. Let's go!


you will see





Vita Kirs


When I was a kid, since I can remember, I traveled. I tried to do it leaning on any horizontal plane. In the beginning, I explored my little cot, then my room, and then it was the kitchen surroundings. Naturally, I did it on all fours. And when it was time to learn the bipedal travel, I decided that I need to comprehend the new heights. That’s why I often climbed on the nearest chair and tried to stand a full height: to figure out what's there mom puts on the top shelf.
The chair did not give in; it strove to throw me before I straightened. And I fell. Many times and very hurt. But didn't leave my attempts. Since that times I am a flyer. I thought, I wasn't falling - it was like flying around. I flew to see what is there, on the shelf (later, I learned that my mother puts spices, but maybe there is something else?). I flew to a new scratch, I flew forward, to victory over myself and the chair.
It went on for some time until I made it. And what you think was there? There were spices and... juicer. The old juicer, which I have never seen (parents didn't use it for a while). But I thought that my mother puts there only spices! The feeling of this discovery was a powerful experience. And I hadn’t ever seen the juicers.
When I got older, I learned that our brain is an amazing thing. The number of connections between neurons determines everything inside it. And the main thing, that these connections we build ourselves. It's more than there are stars in the sky. I realized, that brain is a universe that we create. We do it when we study, communicate, learn something new or travel. And it turns out that brain may contain so much information that will be enough for several lifetimes. And we don't have time! Then I decided that it is necessary to have time. Time to fill the void, to build a universe of neural networks. It is necessary to build our own worlds. Necessary to travel, learn and explore all that surrounds us. And if not over the whole Earth, at least, in the area o an own city, or, as I started, within the kitchen. Everywhere there is a place for exploration. It is important to poke into Present through Past and build Future. And begin to understand yourself. This is my flight.

Voice: Margaret Podliesnaia.
Sound design: Vlad HanilovMax Andrukh.
Photo: Anastasia Alshevskaya.