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Hey, ciao everyone!

My name is Bella, and I invite you to take a walk together. We’ll look at cosmic trees and ancient ruins; find out where and how geese saved Rome; we will say hello to the emperor, and I will tell the legend why this city is so beautiful. As a bonus, I will take you to one of the best observation decks of Rome!

Join me and let’s go!

P.S. Recommended time for a walk: 09:30-19:00.


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Bella Ricci

Guide, historian

Not every local likes to walk on the streets of Rome as much as I do. Sometimes I stop to notice all the amazing things around. And what is that palace so close to us? What if a small raccoon-architect of the Universe lives there? What if the inscriptions on the gable of the palace are the recipe for the most amazing Roman ice cream? Or is it all wrong? Hmm, we need to find out what is there and the way it is. We will see the details and together we will discover the ancient secrets of the main hill of the eternal city.

Voice: Anastasia Osmachko.
Sound design: Vlad Hanilov.