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In this route, we will feel the heartbeat of Stanford University and move back to the days before Stanford's foundation, when the famous California Gold Rush was seething here. And, of course, along the way we will get acquainted with some significant places of the campus.

A tower that stretches to heaven. A place for meditation. Thunderbird. History in the History Corner. War and six brave men. The heart and soul of Stanford. There is all this in the exciting walk through the campus of Stanford University. Let’s set out! Adventures are already waiting for us!


You will see





Ivan Brezitskyi

Philologist, interpreter

A guy from Ukraine, who is striving to fulfill his American dream. He studies, works and does everything in his power to see the world as much as possible. He has already traveled several times to the USA, where he managed not only to get acquainted with the local culture, but also to work as a rescuer. And in his spare time, he loves to learn something new, sing along with songs from his phone (hip-hop!) and travel, getting to know the locals. Nature reserves and parks, giant sequoias, the Hoover dam, the cities of Poland, Ukrainian Kiev, the Czech city of Prague, China, Las Vegas, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago and many interesting places in California – this is not the entire list where he has been. And we are sure that it is just beginning. P.S. He can cook delicious lasagna.

Voice: Marvin Fernandez.
Characters: Bogdan Yemets, Margaret PodlesnayaIvan Fortuna, Yuliia Danylova.
Sound design: Vlad Hanilov.